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IECT (Integration Enabling Computer Technologies)

Customized Therapeutics is developing tools that integrate data from CTL proprietary genome, disease and patient databases to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals in removing guesswork from decision making, and more rationally selecting effective treatment or prevention strategies for their patients.

The ultimate product under development is a super-database with a robust and secure search engine. The product will have the capabilities to collect and analyze a patient's medical data using CTL's proprietary software to generate a fail-proof and effective personalized treatment plan for the patient in real time.

Other applications of Customized Therapeutics' proprietary databases and tools assist scientists in discovery of new molecular entities and help biopharmaceutical companies in better selection of drug candidates for clinical development. We anticipate that IECT will reduce the cost of drug development and rescue drugs with problems related to efficacy and toxicity, thereby further increasing the number of useful drugs available to patients.