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Customized Therapeutics (CTL) is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of products and services that enable patients to get the Right Treatment at the Right Time, All the Time. The unique Business Proposition for CTL is our planning for product development that begins with the needs of physicians and clinics caring for patients in communities all over the country. We then seek inventions in Research institutions with high likelihood of succesful commercialization into useful diagnostics and therapies for the clinics. In the process we believe we can "cure" cancer and other catastrophic illnesses in humans. This is the reverse of traditional drug development paradigm that finds cures in mice with subsequent search for potential utility in humans through Phase II Clinical trials.

Our singular objective is to develop products that help physicians identify the best course of treatment that improves survival rates, reduces toxicities and enhances the Quality of Life of patients with catastrophic illnesses such as cancer.

Customized Therapeutics is currently building a pipeline of novel therapeutics, and drug delivery systems through in-house development and in-licensing of technologies with high clinical potential. These products cater to the unmet need for improved and targeted therapies with low systemic toxicities and high efficacy. The company's unique product development paradigm directly addresses the needs of patients recieving care in the clinics. This permits a more focused drug discovery process, innovative clinical trial designs and a streamlined approach to product development that reduces the time from lab to market.

Our primary targets for therapeutic candidates include fully human monoclonal antibodies for treatment of B-Cell malignancies, with potential to be more safe and efficacious than currently used monoclonal antibodies such as Rituximab (Rituxan).

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The company is currently seeking investors to fund new product development activities and expansion of facilities. Please contact us at 626.584.6045 for additional details or email us at